Saturday, September 20, 2008

Featured Item: Lenora Lacewing, Storkop No. 2 Witch Art Doll

Price: $95.00

This little witch is a difficult lady. Completely stubborn, she always insists on having her way. Her few female friends try to tell her that this is why she's still unmarried but she's already determined that she's been single for so long, there's no reason SHE should have to change her ways just to please some man. Besides, she certainly has more important things to look to - potions to develop and perfect, spells to practice, books to read and write, and plenty of local witchery to do for folks (for a fee, of course).

Ah, but Halloween...that's a night to celebrate! The local magical community, Storkop's Wizarding Association of Magical People (SWAMP), has their annual ball on this night, with a general invitation to all magical beings in the area. Lenora has decked herself in a new dress, her prettiest shoes, and her best velvet hat.

Lenora is 11" tall without her hat and 16.5" tall with her hat. Both the hat and scroll are removable; the hat has pins to hold it in place. She's hand sculpted from Darwi air-dry clay (with epoxy clay at the neck to strengthen it) over a wire armature. Her torso is wire covered in batting and can be very slightly posed to help with balancing her for standing.

Painted with watercolors and acrylics (her skin has a light, sparkly green wash on it) and varnished for protection. The clothing is a mix of materials including some rainbow star netting perfect for a witch. Her hair is black boucle yarn, glued firmly in a pile atop her head. The hat was also made entirely by hand with a stiff cardstock form covered in black velvet-like material. She has three Swarovski crystal beads (2 on her shoes and 1 as her belt buckle).

Lenora is an art doll and not suitable for children or for playing with.

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