Friday, June 13, 2008

Featured Item: The Cupcake They Call Jayne

Price: $7.00

Here it is - the cupcake they call Jayne.

This cupcake is crocheted from dull yellow, pumpkin orange, barn red, and tan yarn, all of which are 100% acrylic. The features are stitched on in olive green, medium brown, and barn red. The cupcake is stuffed with fiberfill, and can stand on it's own (though it's a touch wobbly).

This cupcake measures about 4" (10 cm) tall, and 2" (5 cm) across the base. This makes it just a bit smaller than a normal cupcake, as it sits loosely in a cupcake pan.

These cupcakes are safe for children to play with, though small children should be watched closely. The "cherry" is sewn securely to the cupcake, but please keep a close eye on any children prone to putting their toys in their mouths.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this hilariously adorable Jayne, or visit scarywhitegirl's shop for more shiny treasures!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Featured Item: Hearts and Skull - Red and Grey Purse

Price: $25.00

This little purse would be perfect for day to day wear, or even for a night out! It's the perfect size to fit all the daily essentials (wallet, keys, cell, sunglasses) with room to spare. Pleats on the front and back allow for a bit of extra roominess without making the bag appear too much larger.
The exterior of this cute little bag is made of a charcoal grey wool that is nice and heavy, and the inner lining is done up in a red and white heart print fabric. Bag closes with a little flap that is secured by a lumenescent red button.

The finishing touch is an extra little red and grey skull pin. The pin is completely removeable, so you can change its position on the bag, or even wear it as a broach on your favourite shirt or jacket!

Purse measures approximately 10" wide at the widest and 12" high. Straps are 1" wide and measure about 10" from the top of the bag.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

May BDC Challenge Entries

Check out the entries into May's BDC Challenge - "U-day Celebrations", the Big Damn Crafters' take on Unification Day. For a reminder on what the Challenge details were, click here.

Unification Day Necklace by NightMaiden

A large open heart with a scrollwork design surrounds a planet charm symbolizing the unification of the planets.

Circular ceramic beads and the small black ceramic bead that is inside are offset with "chicken blood stone" (symbolizing the blood that was spilled in the war) and small wooden beads.

This necklace measure approx. 16" in length and is finished with a silver plated magnetic clasp. The heart is approx. 2" in width with a drop of approx. 2 1/2".

If you'd like to purchase this beautiful necklace, visit NightMaiden's shop, here.

U-Day Rememberance FireFly Serenity Polymer Clay Beads by valeriebeads

My challenge piece is in rememberance of the sacrifices the Independents made, a field of brown flowers to signify the Browncoats, and red roses for the bloody battles fought.

The beads measure approximately 11mm. The beads feature tiny signature cane near the hole. These beads are glossed to give them shine. This listing is for the 6 beads pictured.

If you'd like to purchase these stunning handmade beads, visit valeriebeads' shop, here.

Serenity Now by lunaarcana

Instead of celebrating such an unhappy thing such as U-Day, lunaarcana decided to concentrate on the fact that Hope is still alive and to make a beaded charm for each member of the crew.

The charm bracelet is silver plated C chain, which will keep it's sparkle. There are cultured pearls in shades of steel and platinum (which are rough around the edges, just like our Browncoats!), Czech glass beads in shades of Topaz and steel blue. There are black diamond Swarovski crystals as well as sterling silver rounds to add just the right touch of "shiny".

The bracelet measures 8" and each beaded charm is wrapped directly to the chain so the charms will not come off!

If you'd like to purchase this symbolic braclet, visit lunaarcana's shop, here.

You Can't Take the Sky, A Limited Edition Digital Collage ACEO by scarywhitegirl

The title of the piece, "You Can't Take the Sky," is from the theme song for Firefly. The words are also echoed in the text on the card, which is printed across a bright blue sky with a texture of dry, cracked earth. At the lower right, a woman's back bears the Chinese characters for "Serenity," which is both the name of the ship and the feeling that the blue skies can invoke.

This is a limited edition digital collage ACEO, created in Photoshop. The edition will be limited to 9 prints. The first of these will be donated to the Arizona Browncoats for the raffle at their Serenity Forever/Equality Now! screening of "Serenity" this year. The other 8 prints will be available through scarywhitegirl's Etsy shop... but act quickly, or they may be gone before you get yours!

If you'd like to purchase this gorgeous ACEO, visit scarywhitegirl's shop, here.

Facade by ladyartisan

This journal is 8.5" x 5.5" (214mm x 139mm) and is a limp binding using a longstitch/kettlestitch combination. This book has 8 separate sections with 8 different types of paper, making it a wonderful art, travel, or writing journal. There are a total of 148 pages (counting each side as 1 page) and paper types include 4 different colors of Canson Mi Teintes pastel paper, a green text weight paper, a heavyweight Mulberry paper that's smooth on 1 side and rough on the other, and 2 different colors of Lokta paper, both with a wonderful aged look to them.

The cover on this journal is unbacked, quilted fabric in a lovely, silvery-grey color with dark ice-blue embroidered oriental dragons/designs on the outside.

If you'd like to purchase this amazing journal, visit ladyartisan's shop, here.

All of the Coats in my Closet are Brown by sweettarragon

Some days, all she could remember was the darkness. At night, she saw rocks splashed with blood. She ran a finger over the small scrap of brown fabric she kept hidden from the Alliance and cried. Happy Unification Day.

Mocca Swarovski crystals nestle in black agate and brecciated jasper, a hint of brown shimmering in a sea of red and black. Lead-free open-work pewter beads, pen shell heishi, and a zinc pendant complete the memory. This hand-crafted 22" necklace closes with a toggle clasp in back.

If you'd like to purchase this beautiful necklacejournal, visit sweettarragon's shop, here.

Battle of Serenity - Handspun yarn by inlerah

In honor of our fallen browncoats, here is some Battle of Serenity handspun wool yarn in rich shades of brown and red. The natural brown and cream wool was overdyed by me using professional acid dyes. The yarn is plied with brown nylon thread, which adds a little shine and enhances the colors of the wool.

2 oz / 56 g
96 yds / 88 m
10 wpi

If you'd like to purchase this gorgeous yarn to use in your own crafting projects, visit inlerah's shop, here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Featured Item: Dulcet Ember Affairs

Price: $17.00

This 7 1/2" bracelet was hand-crafted from fire carnelian, black agate, and a mix of polished and antiqued silver. All Sweet Tarragon necklaces and bracelets feature toggle clasps for easier wear.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this stunning bracelet, or visit sweettarragon's shop for more shiny treasures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Featured Item: Custom Personalized or Fandom Bracelet

Price: $100.00

This is guaranteed to be a lovely, unique peice! A personalized bracelet that can be made showing your own intrests or it can be a Fandom braclet, including characters, episodes and just fandoms in general.

Please visit a this link:
for more info and details. Price will vary from $50-$150 depending on what's used to make up the piece.

Here are just a few examples of sold bracelets using this customization technique:

7" freshwater pearl and sterling silver bracelet in honor of Kaylee Fry, mechanic of Serenity. Charms include a strawberry, 2 diffrent wrenches, a teddy bear, 6 letters to spell out her name, and a bead at the back that says "Serenity."

8" silver freshwater pearl and sterling bracelet in honor of Temprance "Bones" Brennan of the Jeffersonian Institute on the show Bones. Charms include a skull, dolphins, arm, leg, takeout with chopsticks, and a hamsa hand.

8" light blue freshwater button pearl and sterling bracelet in honor of Dr. Daniel Jackson of SG-1 on Stargate. Charms include a pyramid, an open book, a gun and a coffe mug.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this amazing bracelet, or visit Siarh's shop for more shiny treasures!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BDC Treasury - I'm starting to like this plan

Ok, this pretty little Treasury was put together by BDC member lunaarcana.

Quick! Click HERE to visit this treasury before it expires at 3:38 am EST on June 5!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Featured Item: Mint Chocolate Chip Bracelet - Green and Brown Pearls with Sterling Silver

Price: $35.00

This "Mint Chocolate Chip Bracelet" is made with gorgeous green coin pearls and small chocolate brown pearls. These freshwater pearls are made into individual components using sterling silver wire.

The bracelet fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp. Total length is 7.5" (19cm), but can be extended upon request.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this lovely bracelet, or visit bijoutery's shop for more shiny treasures!