Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BDC Challenge for August

Mal: It sounds like the finest party I could imagine gettin' paid to go to.
Inara: I don't suppose you'd find it up to the standards of your outings. More conversation and somewhat less petty theft and getting hit with pool cues.

Team BDC's August Challenge is the Firefly episode "Shindig".

So, put on your purtiest dress or tightest pair of pants and get to thinking on this one.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Featured Item: Mint Chocolate Chunk

Price: $49.00

Creamy, comforting, and refreshing, with just a whisper of a bite. 18" of chocolate jasper and dark brown agate form the base for a few round splashes of deep turquoise. Sterling bead caps and tiny howlite rounds keep everything in place and lead to the sterling toggle clasp in back. This piece uses natural turquoise that has been stabilized for increased durability.

Mint Chocolate Chunk is the first in a series, and a faded brown acrylic necklace has been transformed into an agate, jasper, and turquoise delight.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this stunning piece, or visit sweettarragon's shop for more shiny treasures!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feaured Item: Nutella Wanna-be Caramel Apple

Price: $8.00

Featuring some of the tastiest treats in the 'Verse, DoubleDipped Sweets has done it again!

They tried to use real out-of-the jar Nutella, but it ddn’t work since Nutella doesn’t "set" and get hard like chocolate does, so they've created their own version of Nutella!

A fresh, large Granny Smith apple is covered in smooth, soft Caramel and then dipped in chopped Hazelnuts. It's then generously covered in Milk Chocolate. This results in a taste and smell that will rock your senses!

Click here if you'd like to purchase this irresistable treat, or visit DoubleDippedSweets's shop for more shiny treasures!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Featured Item: Lime Chiffon Apron

Price: $20.00

Upcycled from an old pair of jeans, a lime green sheer and lace blouse, this apron features 5 functional pockets and lots of special detailing.

The bulk of the apron is denim. The button fly has been removed completely, and the raw edges are finished off with lime green cotton quilt binding. Across the bottom of the apron, the lace and sheer fabric has been pieced together in a ruffle, with the stitching following the curves in the lace in some spots. The sash is constructed from a portion of the sheer lime green fabric with interfacing attached and the sleeves of the shirt. The sash is tacked down in the center so that it doesn't slide out.

The remaining waistband of the jeans measures approximately 28" (71 cm), and the sash is approximately 60" (152.5 cm). This apron will fit any waist size from about 28" (or a little smaller) to about 50", to allow for enough of the sash to tie. At the center of the apron, the length is 17 1/2" (44.5 cm), and at the sides of the apron, the length is 13 1/2"(34 cm).

Click here if you'd like to purchase this unique apron, or visit scarywhitegirl's shop for more shiny treasures!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Featured Item: Cunning Knit Jayne Hat

Price: $20.00

Cunning hand-knit hats to wear during hijinx and thrilling heroics!

All hats are made with vibrant and soft 100% acrylic yarn of various brands. Hats are knit loosely and have lots of stretch, and therefore fit most head sizes, but custome sizes (including baby-sized) is also available if you contact fadingendlessly.

All hats come nestled in straw with a loving note from Ma Cobb (as well as other goodies occasionally).

Click here if you'd like to purchase this great hat, or visit fadingendlessly's shop for more shiny treasures!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ice Planets - Coolest Treat in the 'Verse

Thanks to Anthem, who posted a comment in our Challenge post, I got to read this super yummy post from The Tasty Planner blog.

The creative chefs (and fellow Browncoats) have created their own version of the yummy treat, Ice Planets and even concocted other "planets", including Persephone, Hera, Sihnon and Miranda - yes, you can now experience just how problematic eating this food item really can be!

Check out the post on The Tasty Planner HERE.

image: tastyplanner.com/blog

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Item: Brown/Pink Rose patterned tote bag

Price: $20.00

I love, love, LOVE this tote! If I didn't already have way too many bags, I would have snapped this one up already!

A rich, chocolate brown background provides a striking contrast to the beautiful pink roses on the cotton fabric which makes up the outside of this summery tote bag. The bag is lined with a peachy-pink fabric and features a contrasting pocket. The handles are attached with cross stitching for extra strength. This bag would be perfect for carrying your supplies to the beach, or for use as a knitting bag, or a summer purse.

Measures 11" x 13" x 3.5" or 28cm x 33cm x 9cm

Click here if you'd like to purchase this pretty tote, or visit inlerah's shop for more shiny treasures!

Monday, July 14, 2008

BDC Challenge for July

Ice planets, the globe of ice cream on the end of a string on the end of a rope that River and Book are seen eating in the begining of "The Message".

"My food is problematic."
"Girl's a mind reading genius can't figure out how to eat an ice planet."

Being that it is sweltering in most parts of the US right now, it's very appropriate that the Ice Planet is July's Challenge theme for the BDC Team.

So put on your think caps and get to work!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June BDC Challenge Entries

I was really excited when the theme for June's BDC Challenge was announced - Inara. I just knew that some really gorgeous things would be made - and I wasn't disappointed! Check out how Inara inspired some Big Damn Crafters' members.

Into the Black by Figments

The necklace is a beautiful combination of black Czech glass e-beads, small opalite beads and 4 small pewter star shaped beads strung on 18.5" of tiger tail bead cord. Hanging from a lovely Tierra Cast lead-free pewter bail is a stunning focal of carved black cinnabar and two opalite beads on a silver tone headpin. The cinnabar is carved in an Oriental pattern and measures 5/8" across. The pendant portion hangs 1 1/8" below the main strand of the necklace.

If you'd like to purchase this pretty necklace, visit Figments' shop, here.

Inara's Pink Jade Victorian Brass Stamping Necklace by lunaarcana

This necklace features a gorgeous Victorian-style bronze-colored stamping.

Comprised of new Sochoo pink jade, each bead is individually strung with permanently coated bronze colored copper Vintaj wire. The clasp is a beautiful but simple brass Vintaj swirl.

This necklace measures 17.5".

If you'd like to purchase these beautiful necklace, visit lunaarcana's shop, here.

Inara - Handspun Bamboo Yarn by inlerah

Silky, shiny bamboo yarn dyed in bright shades of turquoise, with lots of purple, copper, and green accents is plied with turquoise metallic thread for a beguiling yarn fit for a Companion.

The bamboo yarn is shiny and next-to-skin soft, and this would make a beautiful accessory, or knit/crocheted jewelry.

2.3 oz / 65 g
288 yds / 263 m
14 wpi

If you'd like to purchase this gorgeous yarn for your nexk creation, visit inlerah's shop, here.