Monday, January 28, 2008

BDC Challenge for February

February is a holiday month, since it contains Valentine's Day. So the challenge will be titled "Love in the 'verse."

Members are allowed to craft whatever they want within the challenge title. Heart of gold, your favorite canon pairing, or just your own love of Firefly and being a Browncoat.

Deadline for submissions is February 19, 2008 and we be will posting photos of all the entries to this challenge on this blog shortly after the deadline.

In the meantime, if you want to check out the challenge entries that are already up, go to Etsy and search for the tag "bdcchallenge".

Friday, January 25, 2008

BDC Members Across the 'Verse

The Big Damn Crafters are a group of folks from who found themselves together in a thread about Browncoats (Firefly/Serenity fans). We decided to make ourselves a street team on Etsy. This here is our blog.

We have banded together to revel in our geekdom, share our Firefly-inspired craft items, and just have a good time together.

A quick glance at our crew roster reveals that we've come together from around the 'verse.

Aceles - Naperville, Illinois, USA
AchAchLiebling - San Francisco, California, USA
ancientgamecupboard - Zeeland, Michigan, USA
AnnaCox - Nicholasville
aquariann - Milton
archaeophotography - Queens, New York, USA
arizonabrowncoats - Phoeniz, Arizona, USA
aspergerskitty - Virginia Beach, USA
AtomKid - Madison, Wisconsin, USA
AuntMarysLegacy - Wallingford
begurple - Canberra, AUSTRALIA
bijoutery - Kentucky, USA
BlackbirdMaille - Remsen, New York, USA
blessedarethegeek - Silverton, Oregon, USA
bluepebble - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
ByGeorgie - Schenectady, New York, USA
Carapace - Luling
ChezMichelle - Maine, USA
colorsofthewoods - Chicago, Illinois, USA
communistchicken - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
countingstars - Seattle, Washington, USA
Craftybeth - Prescott, Arizona, USA
desertzen - Peoria, Arizona, USA
dharmadesigns - Portland, Oregon, USA
Dierdrelefae - Griffin, Georgia, USA
DoubleDippedSweets - Salt Lake City, USA
dsbrennan - Rhode Island, USA
ellenshipley - Santa Clarita, USA
erinlillies - Alpharetta
fadingendlessly - London, Ontario, CANADA
Figments - Muncie, Indiana, USA
flurrsprite - Hawaii, USA
fuglsy - Glasgow, SCOTLAND, UK
greyTcrafts - Prescott, Arizona, USA
gypsycaster - Lambertville
Gypsyharte - Smithville, Texas, USA
hotgluemedia - Pottstown, PA, USA
ImmatureCouture - Long Beach, USA
IndigoLuna - Silverton, Oregon, USA
IndyJules - Indianapolis, USA
inlerah - Ayer
jashme - Collingswood, New Jersey, USA
JesterDesigns - Seattle, Washington, USA
jlkconcepts - San Francisco, California, USA
KalinaDesigns - New York City, New York, USA
keenaskreations - High Point, North Carolina, USA
KVDruidess - St. Paul
kwinkelerphotos - Charleston
ladyartisan - San Antonio, USA
ladyartisandolls - Schertz, Texas, USA
lazykates - Corvallis, Oregon, USA
leftwingedmama - Vancouver
lizstaley - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Luminosities - Southern California, USA
lunaarcana - Knoxville
lunaarcanatoo - Knoxville
manekineko - Flint, Michigan, USA
ManicManx - Pasadena
MarthaHaskins - Milford, Connecticut, USA
megathy - Philadelphia, USA
MithrilDreams - Houston, USA
Moonblush - Bellevue, Washington, USA
morganbosley - Mebane
MyLittleChipmunks - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
NataJane - Colorado, USA
NightMaiden - Hampton, Virginia, USA
Oddist - Pennsylvania, USA
ohmytiedye - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
omshanti - Longmont, Colorado, USA
pandacub - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
ParadoxMoxie - Bealeton
PaysonWinters - The Hudson Valley, New York, USA
Photowrapped - Montgomery Village
picklefork - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
primocardinalli - Easton, Pennsylvania, USA
psychobillybutterfly - Salem
ravenscraving - Madison, Wisconsin, USA
RecycledBootyBags - Tucson
RedThreadPlushies - Carlisle, Ohio, USA
RoseBushDesigns - Greenville, South Carolina, USA
roseworksjewelry - Vancouver, Washington, USA
rubyzu - Boynton Beach
scarywhitegirl - Seattle, Washington, USA
serenityslayer - Beaverton, Oregon, USA
Siarh - Pequest, New Jersey, USA
sinistersunflowers - Kirkland
stephaniek - San Marcos, Texas, USA
streetscrapyard - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
StrungOutCreations - Atlanta, USA
sugarstreetcafe - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
sweettarragon - Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
tbenedict - Kamuela, Hawaii, USA
The13thGypsy - Leicester
thisland - Los Angeles, California, USA
TiLTcreations - Oak Park, Michigan, USA
topaz08 - New Mexico
torchwoodstudio - Syracuse, New York, USA
trinlayk - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Triplelle - Vancouver, Washington, USA
twilightcay - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
twocrows - Friday Harbor
Valeriebeads - Scottsdale
Whitedragonpaper - Ohio, USA
WooHooCrossStitch - Birch Run, Michigan, USA
yarrow1 - Bradley, California, USA