Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Featured Item: Hearts and Skull - Red and Grey Purse

Price: $25.00

This little purse would be perfect for day to day wear, or even for a night out! It's the perfect size to fit all the daily essentials (wallet, keys, cell, sunglasses) with room to spare. Pleats on the front and back allow for a bit of extra roominess without making the bag appear too much larger.
The exterior of this cute little bag is made of a charcoal grey wool that is nice and heavy, and the inner lining is done up in a red and white heart print fabric. Bag closes with a little flap that is secured by a lumenescent red button.

The finishing touch is an extra little red and grey skull pin. The pin is completely removeable, so you can change its position on the bag, or even wear it as a broach on your favourite shirt or jacket!

Purse measures approximately 10" wide at the widest and 12" high. Straps are 1" wide and measure about 10" from the top of the bag.

Click here if you'd like to purchase this stunning bracelet, or visit fadingendlessly's shop for more shiny treasures!

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