Thursday, September 18, 2008

August BDC Challenge Entries

The August BDC Challenge featured the episode "Shindig".

Check out how the festivities inspired some Big Damn Crafters' members.

Frippery by inlerah

"Say, look at the fluffy one!"

Kaylee, one of inerlah's favorite characters, sees a frilly pink dress in a store window and falls in love with its layers of ruffles. This yarn was inspired by the dress itself, and also by the idea of embracing your inner girly-girl.

Spun from a beautiful batt of superwash wool blended with white glitz (from fellow etsyian terrabellaspun), this yarn changes gradually from cream to pink to raspberry. It has been plied with 1 strand of pearl metallic thread and 1 strand of white laceweight mohair to add more sparkle and create a soft and beautiful yarn.

8 wpi; 110 yds / 100 m; 2.4 oz / 68 g

If you'd like to purchase this pretty yarn, visit inlerah's shop, here.

Shindig by omshanti

Inara: Are you in pain?
Mal: Absolutely, I got stabbed you know, right here.
[lifts shirt to show a bloodstained bandage on side of abdomen]
Inara: I saw.
Mal: I don't care much for fancy parties. Too rough.
Inara: It wasn't entirely a disaster.
Mal: [lifts his shirt again] I got stabbed. Right here.

This beautiful necklace is another Firefly reference, but this time it's taken a piece directly from the show - the necklace Inara wears during the duel where Mal gets stabbed 'right here'.

Amethyst beads a full 10 mm in diameter form the drops in the front, separated and set off by smaller quartz beads. Depending from them are small brass bells which chime gently as you move - perhaps to dance?

The necklace itself is made up of smaller amethyst beads, along with the quartz, and will cling close to your throat at 17" long. It's held in place by a signature handmade clasp.

If you'd like to purchase this fancy necklace, visit omshanti's shop, here.

Shindig ACEO original by yarrow1

This stunning ACEO piece is original art, on watercolor paper. It has been done in mixed media; this has a watercolor background, ink and a slight bit of marker.

Signed and dated by the artist on the back.

The card is 3.5" x 2.5" (8.89 x 6.35 cm).

If you'd like to purchase this original ACEO, visit yarrow1's shop, here.

1 comment:

yarrow1 said...

Thank you for featuring my ACEO in your shindig challenge.
I just found it and I really think that was my favorite show.
I do the ACEO because I could express my joy in a small art form.