Friday, May 2, 2008

Featured Item: Crocheted Coffee Cozy

Price: $8.00

Dress up your coffee shop coffee with this fashionable and environmentally-friendly crocheted coffee cozy! Even when the cardboard coffee sleeves are made from recycled cardboard, they still end up back in the trash (or the recycling bin). Instead, use this washable coffee cozy to keep your hand protected from the hot coffee cup!

This coffee cozy is crocheted from 100% cotton yarn, in black with two stripes in tan. The tan portion is made up of 2 different shades of very light brown, giving that portion a different look than many of the coffee cozies I make. It can stretch to fit onto any size of paper coffee cup. Unstretched, the cozy is 1 1/2" tall (3.5 cm), 9" around at the top (23 cm), and 8" around at the bottom (20 cm).

This cozy can be machine washed and dried, but due to the small size, you may prefer to hand wash it and let it air dry. Some of the darker colors of cotton yarn tend to bleed when washed, so be sure to wash this cozy with like colors.

Also available in LOTS of different colours if you want another combination!

Click here if you'd like to purchase this practical coffee cozy, or visit scarywhitegirl's shop for more shiny treasures!

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