Sunday, May 4, 2008

April BDC Challenge Entries

Check out the entries into April's BDC Challenge - "This Is What Going Mad Must Be Like", a tribute to the "Jaynestown" episode of Firefly (if you need a reminder on what the Challenge details were, click here.

Hero of Canton by NightMaiden

He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor...
He stood up to the man and he gave him what for...

What better way to represent "Jaynestown" than with falling money....

A silver dollar sign dangles precariously from green square cat eye beads. The taper design really does look like money falling from the sky... The brown cat eye beads are almost the color of mud, the "mudders" own resource. The necklace measures approx. 17 1/4" in length and the drops are approx. 1/2", 1 1/4", and 3" in taper order. This piece is finished with a silver plated magnietic clasp.

If you'd like to purchase this beautiful necklace, visit NightMaiden's shop, here.

Hero of Canton - Handspun Yarn by inlerah

This 100% hand-dyed wool yarn plied with metallic thread is a blend of natural dark brown, representing the mudders, and muted shades of orange, gold and rust (which are the colors inlerah associates with Jayne, even though he didn't yet have his infamous hat in this episode). The wool is plied with gold metallic thread for the money Jayne inadvertantly gave to the people of Canton, thus cementing his hero status.

"Now here is what separates heroes
from common folk like you and I.
The man they call Jayne
he turned 'round his plane
and let that money hit sky."

2.25 oz / 63 g, 104 yards / 95 m

If you'd like to purchase this beautiful yarn, visit inlerah's shop, here.

The Man They Call Jayne - An ACEO by Figments

Jayne Cobb, tough man, mercenary, hero????? Well, according to the Mudders he is. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, that is up to the fans to decide I guess. But love him or hate him, Jayne is an integral part of the crew of Serenity and a real character.

This ACEO is made using a heavy gold color backed stock with a textured light brown colored light card stock on the other. A stamped brass gun, an oriental "coin", paper money, a bit of sheet music and a miniature version of Shepherd Book’s Bible as "fixed" by River complete this piece. This piece has been signed, numbered and dated on the back.

If you'd like to purchase this one of a kind ACEO, visit Figments's shop, here.

ACEO- 068 Hero- Original by lizstaley

This ACEO is an original, NOT a reproduction. It's done on a heavy, lightly textured illustration board with ink, Prismacolor markers and watercolor.

This is lizstaley's take on a scene from "Jaynestown" - Wash, Jayne, Simon, Mal, and Kaylee come across a statue of Jayne while visiting a little mud-farming planet called Canton. Seems that Jayne is a "bonafide folk hero" on Canton - complete with a song that's popular in the local bars! Card has been signed and dated on the back by me.

If you'd like to purchase this one of a kind ACEO, visit lizstaley's shop, here.

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