Monday, October 6, 2008

September BDC Challenge

The September BDC Challenge focused on our favourite bad-boy, Jayne Cobb.

Check out how this colorful character inspired some Big Damn Crafters' members.

Ma Cobb's Joint Linment by omshanti

My Derest Son Jayne,

I do Hope that you like the Hat I sent to you in my last mail. Now I am sending you my Mother's Liniment -- you told me how you spraind your ankle Helping that woman across the Street so I think It should help.

Your Mother"

Ma Cobb's Joint Liniment will help your ankle too -- also knees, ankles, knuckles and anything else you might have damaged. From sprains and strains to arthritis, this'll do the job.

A base of grapeseed oil with black pepper, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon essential oils - to which I've added a generous dollop of menthol crystals. It'll clear your sinuses too!

Each bottle contains 2 oz of liniment.

If you'd like to purchase this useful linment, visit omshanti's shop, here.

Go Play With Your Rainstick by badsnail

"It makes the rain come when you turn it. The rain is very scarce...comes only when it's needed most...such as it is with men like you."

That's our Jayne!

Badsnail decided to make a "dumb ass stick sounds like it's rainin'."

It may not make the rain come, but at least it sounds like rain. It looks and feels pretty cool, too! 17-1/4" long and approximately 7-1/2" around. It's pretty sturdy, but if it does start to rain, I'd cover it (in other words - don't get it wet).

If you'd like to purchase this fun rainstick, visit badsnail's shop, here.

Mini Jayne Cobb Hat - Snap On Hair Clips by inlerah

Pretty cunning, don't ya think?

Too hot for hats? Or maybe you have always wanted a Jayne hat, but aren't quite brave enough to wear one? Now you can show your devotion to Firefly with these mini Jayne Cobb hat barrettes. The hats are hand knit from orange, yellow and red wool yarn, feature handmade pom poms, and are securely attached to your choice of silver, gold or brown hair clips.

Hat is approx 1.5 x 3" (3.9 x 7.6 cm) with pom pom. Hair Clip is 2"

If you'd like to purchase these super-cute hair clips, visit inlerah's shop, here.

Decapitated Dollies - Jayne Cobb - Crocheted Plush Head by scarywhitegirl

While Jayne Cobb lived through the series Firefly and the movie Serenity, he is, as Simon says, in a dangerous line of work. While scarywhitegirl leaves Jayne's cause of decapitation deliberately vague, there's no denying that he's awfully cute when his head is disconnected from his body.

Jayne has dark brown hair (including a mustache and goatee) and hazel green eyes. He wears his signature hat that his ma made for him.

Each Decapitated Dollie comes with his or her very own "death certificate," which lists his or her name, date of death, and cause of death. The back of each "death certificate" is made of patterned cardstock- i n the case of this set, the cardstock is black with silver skulls and bones, arranged in hexagons.

If you'd like to purchase this creepy, yet cute little head, visit scarywhitegirl's shop, here.


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These are great! I love the description omshanti wrote for the liniment! The hair clippies are too cute!

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