Friday, May 30, 2008

Featured Item: custom handmade blank paper scroll

Price: $18.00

A simple but gorgeous medieval/japanese style scroll - perfect for writing, drawing, and painting on! Use it as a banner or an invitation for an upcoming event, as a fun way to sketch things or write a little story or poem on, as a costume accessory, for d&d, pretty decoration... anything you can think of!

The scrolls in the pictures were made with 2 12" sanded and smooth natural wood dowel rods, with 50" of 11" wide beautiful white no. 6/mmk sumi art kozo paper (made from rice), imported from Japan. This semi-transparent paper feels delicate but is quite hardy. They're closed with pretty ribbon, which wraps around the scroll. Attached to 1 end of the ribbon is a real wax seal stamped with a fleur de lis, so it looks like an official document when closed!

Click here if you'd like to purchase this stunning scroll, or visit flurrsprite's shop for more shiny treasures!

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