Friday, March 28, 2008

March BDC Challenge Entries - Post 2

Part 2 of our posts featuring the entries into March's BDC Challenge - "Frivolous Flippery and Engine Grease" (if you need a reminder on what the Challenge details were, click here).'s the second bunch of entries (in no particular order) from our talented BDC members...Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Totally Kaylee by rubyzu

She might be a phenom mechanic, but she's still a frilly-loving girl! A pink glass flower (with an opalescent interior and a little green glass leaf), tiny pink beads to match and a wrench. Yes, that's right... a wrench, complete with Chinese writing (and made in China on the back). The wrench slides so the flower can be worn at the top or the bottom. Finished off with a sterling silver spring ring clasp and extender with a tiny dangling heart.

If you'd like to purchase this very-Kaylee necklace, visit rubyzu's shop, here.

Kaylee Necklace by jlkconcepts

Kaylee has an affinity for strawberries, and this is jlkconcepts' non-literal, feminine interpretation of strawberries as inspired by Kaylee's sweetness and brightness. Made with all genuine materials, including sterling silver chain and wire; gold-fill chain, wire, beads and clasp; pink topaz, onion-faceted briolette focal bead; peridot faceted rondelles and briolette beads; freshwater pearls; and rose quartz faceted heart-shaped briolette beads. Length is approximately 17".

If you'd like to purchase this gorgeous necklace, visit jlkconcepts' shop, here.

Frippery Bangle by BrightCircle

Tiny clear faceted glass beads are stitched with pink thread around a metal bangle. Stitched into the rim of the bangle are adorable soft pink pointy beads, and metallic pink seed beads. Reminiscent of the frippery of the ruffled hoopskirt of a country girl at her first ball, her dress looking like a strawberry layer cake (but only in the most charming sense)! Inner diameter is 2.75 in./7 cm, outer diameter is 3.75 in/9.6 cm.

If you'd like to purchase this gorgeous necklace, visit BrightCircle's shop, here.

Kaywinnit Lee Frye by Triplelle

Kaywinnit Lee Frye, aka Kaylee, is the disarmingly open, mechanically-inclined, earthy mechanic of a Firefly class cargo ship called Serenity. She's the heart of the ship, beloved mei mei to the captain, with a conviction that the 'Verse is basically a shiny place, a sensual fondness for strawberries (hard to come by when your home has no soil or sunlight) and an attraction to all things pink, frilly, and incredibly girly...though mostly she wears coveralls and a layer of engine grime. The necklace and earrings are constructed from washers, copper wire, and pink Swarovski crystal beads. The focal part of the necklace features more of the same, plus a lampworked strawberry bead (made in my studio and annealed for strength), and a solid sterling silver tag stamped with the word "SHINY". Closure is a J-hook formed of copper, easy to close and to wear.

If you'd like to purchase this cute necklace, visit Triplelle's shop, here.

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