Friday, March 21, 2008

March BDC Challenge Entries - Post 1

Part 1 of our posts featuring the entries into this March's BDC Challenge - "Frivolous Flippery and Engine Grease" (if you need a reminder on what the Challenge details were, click here).'s the first bunch of entries (in no particular order)...Leave a comment and let us know what you think! There's more to come so keep your eyes open!

2.25 Inch Button - Shiny Browncoat Geek Pack by lizstaley

This Geek Pack is awesome, and in our new LARGE size, they'll be sure to get a lot of attention! This 2 pack includes the following designs: "Shiny!" and "Browncoat".

If you'd like to purchase these great fan buttons, visit lizstaley's shop, here.

Oh So Kaylee by NightMaiden

This focal is a large silver key to represent Kaylee as the key to the ship. Being the mechanic, it runs to the turn of her hands. The small charms at the top are a silver open heart to show the love for everyone on the crew, a strawberry for her favorite thing to eat, and another key just to show her position on the crew and how inportant she is. The necklace itself is made up of pink and white cats eye beads to represent the colors of her layer dress that she loved so much as well as her favorite color. This piece measures 15" in length and the silver key focal has a drop of 2 1/2".

If you'd like to purchase this lovely necklace, visit NightMaiden's shop, here.

Kaylees Delight - Crocheted Stuffed Strawberry by scarywhitegirl

Kaylee loves strawberries (don't we all?), and this strawberry would be her ultimate delight. The strawberry and leaves are crocheted from 100% acrylic yarn, while the seeds are stitched on with 100% cotton yarn. It's stuffed with polyfil and measures approximately 4" tall (10 cm), and is 6 3/4" (17 cm) in circumference at the widest point.

If you'd like to purchase this adorably large strawberry, visit scarywhitegirl's shop, here.

Ooohhhhh Grandpa by Siarh

These cute earrings are a tribute to Kaywinnett Lee Frye, the mechanic on Serenity. Adorable lampwork strawberries topped with pressed glass leaves with aurora shine to them. They hang a little over 1".

If you'd like to purchase these cute earrings, visit Siarh's shop, here.

Kaylee by bluepebble

A sweet necklace that combines a lovely pink focal bead with a copper chain. Inspired by the character of Kaylee from the Firefly TV series - Kaylee is the adorable mechanic of the ship and she tries to be feminine in a traditionally masculine position. Copper is used to represent Kaylee's mechanical side and pink beads (Kaylee's favourite colour!) Chain measures 15.5" (39.4 cm), but with bead, the necklace length is 17" (43.2 cm).

If you'd like to purchase this pretty necklace, visit bluepebble's shop, here.

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