Saturday, March 8, 2008

IMPORTANT: BDC Team Tags Announcement!

Please read this important notice from the lovely and dedicated Siarh:

I just got out of the Etsy Team Leaders chat. The Etsy Team Goddesses are recommending adding "Team" to a teams tag. They recommend this to stop confusion in mistagging (some teams are using very regular words as their team tags and it's getting a lot of additional people using their tag) and also so a team tag is easy to spot on someone's listing.

For teams like ours who do not have much confusion, they are recommending our tags get changed out over time. What that means is you will need to add the new team tag to all of your new listings, and NOT go back and change all of your old ones. If you refresh an item, please go in and change the tag then.

So as of right now, please use the tag "TeamBDC" with all of yor items. As of tommorrow, I will only be searching for that tag for items to be added to the team account. I will no longer be searching for "BDC".

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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