Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February BDC Challenge Entries - Post 1

There were some gorgeous entries into this month's BDC Challenge - "Love in the 'verse" (if you need a reminder on what the Challenge details were, click here). Because there were so many entries, I've split them up into several posts (5 entries per post) and will be posting them until I've listed them all. are the first batch of the entries (in no particular order)...Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Proud to be a Browncoat Necklace by Siarh

This necklace shows off Siarh's love of being a browncoat. 19" necklace made of Latte Jasper, malachite, and yellow adventurite beads with pewter accents. The yellow and green come from the browncoat patch from the war against the Alliance. The brown...that's quite obvious. The pendant is fastened to the necklace by a start-shaped bead, symbolizing the single star in the middle of the above-mentioned patch.

If you'd like to purchase this necklace, visit Siarh's shop, Pequest Designs.

Serenity Tea Tray by ancientgamecupbaord

This tray is a collage of brocade silk (for the Asian influence in the series), faux suede (depicting the 'Space Western' genre and the Browncoats) and parchment in a black frame with silver-colored handles. The parchment has the Chinese PinYin "Serenity".

If you'd like to purchase this tea tray, visit ancientgamecupboard's shop, Antiquity Gamecrafters.

Set of 3 Serenity Crocheted Roses by scarywhitegirl

Scarywhitegirl noticed that the colors of the hat that Jayne's mom knits for him are the same as the Serenity logo on the side of the ship and decided to turn that into a love bouquet of roses. Real flowers wither and die, but crocheted flowers maintain their beauty forever.

If you'd like to purchase these roses, visit scarywhitegirl's shop, Scary White Girl Designs.

Heart of Gold Earrings by BrightCircle

These earrings are a tribute to an extraordinary woman named Nandi. Crimson Czech glass represents her passion, and the blood she gave up to keep her people together. The coins indicate her less-than-savory profession, and the golden hearts show that she was, by the reckoning of many, a good woman at heart.

If you'd like to purchase these earrings, visit BrightCircle's shop, Bright Circle.

Kaylees New Fluffy Frippery Scarf by gypsycaster

This is a little something Kaylee picked up for herself to celebrate Valentine's Day. This scarf is in honor of Kaylee, ship's engineer on board the Firefly class ship Serenity. It measures 6 1/2' long by 5" wide, and hand knit from neo-silk and spun plasma. (synthetic yarns and Angelina fibre).

If you'd like to purchase this scarf, visit gypsycaster's shop, Gypsy's Mad Crafting Habit.

Come back tomorrow to see more February "Love in the 'Verse" Challenge entries!

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